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During our working lives, it is pretty common for the relationship of the employee-employer to change, this could lead to either the employer or employee choosing to consider the terminating or ending of their working relationship. It is not unusual when the working relationship ends it is as a result of a dispute or grievance that one has with the other, which has not or cannot be resolved to one party’s satisfaction.

Regardless of the situation that prompts the employer or employee to consider terminating the employer-employee relationship, one of the most common ways these disputes can be settled is through the use of what are called Settlement Agreements or Compromise Agreements, these agreements are put in place to avoid the need for an employment tribunal.


Settlement Agreements London | Compromise Agreements – What are they?


A Settlement Agreement or Compromise Agreement is a document that, in the eyes of UK law, terminates the employer-employee relationship. Normally it is more common for the employer to suggest the use of a Compromise Agreement or Settlement Agreements however employees are also entitled to use them or suggest this as a way forward .


When a Settlement Agreement or Compromise Agreement is drawn up, its terms MUST be specific to whatever scenario has led to it being drafted in the first place. It is worth noting that most of the terms of the Settlement Agreement will be subject to negotiation, which is where we can really help,, MOST of these Settlement Agreements would normally allow an employee to relieve themselves from their current position with an employer or company. An employer or company will normally agree to this in exchange for the employee waiving any rights that they have to bring the employer and or company before an Employment Tribunal. An employer as part of the agreement would normally provide a positive reference to allow their former employee to look for another job and a level of financial compensation should also be included as well.


What do I do with a Settlement Agreement?


When presented with an agreement, you must act as quickly as possible and seek advice from an employment solicitor. Before a Compromise Agreement or Settlement Agreement can be valid, an employee must have received independent legal advice from a fully qualified employment lawyer, who’s firm has professional indemnity insurance, on the substance and legality of the document that has been drafted up.



Do I have to accept the terms of a Settlement Agreement or compromise agreement?



Before any employee settles on a Settlement agreement or any Compromise Agreements, they should seek legal employment law advice on its meaning and content . It is not compulsory to simply agree with what the employers or company have written in the Settlement Agreements or Compromise Agreement. If the employee or employees representative is not satisfied with a Settlement Agreement’s terms, they must tell their employment lawyers to communicate this, in writing, to the employer or company. This will normally result in employers providing a revised copy to the satisfaction of the employee. Until the Settlement Agreements are agreed and is signed by both the employer and employee, the employer-employee relationship will remain as it was.

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What happens when I accept the terms of a Settlement Agreement or Compromise Agreement in London?


If after consulting with an employment law expert, an employee or employer decides that the terms of a Settlement Agreement are acceptable, they may sign the document, but only after having getting independent legal employment law advice, After receiving the document the employer or company will then identify what is to be the ‘Termination date’ – end date of the relationship. The employee must leave their post immediately and waive any rights they would have had to bring a claim before an employment tribunal.


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