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All employees should have an employment contract so constructing an employment contract is a vital part of any working relationship between a company the employer and the employee. Employment contracts if done properly, are legally binding documents or contracts formed between the employee and the company or employer. This agreement or written document ensures from the start what is expected of the other throughout the working relationship.


Employment Contracts London – What terms & conditions must be included?


Employment law in the UK sets out that the statement of main terms in any employment contract must include the following information:

  • Name of employer
  • Name of employee
  • Start date(day, month and year)
  • Place of work(address of head office if employee works on the road)
  • Hours of work(including breaks and lunch hours)
  • Details of pay(including overtime entitlement)
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Sick pay entitlement
  • Pension entitlement
  • Notice period
  • Details of disciplinary procedures
  • Details of any grievance procedures

No company is the same which is why there are other items of information that can be included in an employment contract which is why you should seek help from one of our employment law solicitors if you wish to create a watertight statement of main and other terms.


Employment Contracts London – Employee Entitlements


Every employee, in the UK,  working with any company or employer, has the right to know many things involved in their every day working lives, things like, how much they will be paid, when they will be paid and in what format they will be paid and how often they will be paid and bonuses or overtime. The employee is absolutely entitled to a detailed payslip either weekly or monthly, which must contain the amount of wages before deductions, the details of any deductions and the net amount of wages that they will receive.

Employers or companies are prevented from making unauthorised deductions from anyones pay as this usually requires the express written agreement of the employee.

Other things, employers or companies must consider are;  Bonuses and Incentives | Compulsory Overtime | Holiday Pay Entitlement | Sickness Pay |  Working Time Regulations | Sickness Entitlement  | Contractual Stipulations | Pension Entitlement | Notice Period | Ending a Contract.

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Employment Contracts London – Disciplinary and Grievances



It is vital that companies or employers ensure all employees are fully aware of the relevant procedures in place as part of the employment contract and induction process. Failure for an employer or company to follow clear disciplinary and dismissal procedures may result in an unfair dismissal being logged against them.

To avoid this risk the employer or company needs to make the employee aware of; Employee Lateness Policies | Damage to Company Property | The Companies Grievance Policy and Recommended Procedures.

For immediate help with Employment Contracts whether you are an employee or employer or company contact our Employment Law Specialists Team today, simply call the phone number on this page or if you can’t talk right now fill out a contact us form below outlining where it is you feel we can help.